Ice Cream Duo: Mango + Raisin Ice Cream and Banana + Coconut + Vanilla Ice Cream


I really feel like I could be on to something with these, and I feel an ice cream fever coming on!  However there’s just that bothersome weather here that seems unable to make up its mind, why can’t it just play nice and be summer already, but then again maybe it’s a good thing to ease into this because otherwise I think I could easily go bananas with this and get out of control. So while the weather takes its time heating up, I’ll start off slow with this vegan ice cream bonanza with just two items for show and tell: 1. mango and raisin ice cream and 2. banana, coconut and vanilla ice cream. The mango + raisin ice cream screams tropical summer with its creamy fruitiness, while the banana + coconut + vanilla ice cream is decadent and rich as the banana makes it naturally sweet and creamy, the coconut gives it a great summer feel and the fresh vanilla bean sends it over the top!

These are really so fun to make and you can add to them or top them off with whatever floats your boat, or even experiment with different fruit combinations. The best thing about them . . . they feel like a naughty treat, but really, they’re pretty darn healthy, and good!

I really am having so much fun experimenting with vegan ice cream and I can’t wait to share some more flavors with you soon!

Mango + Raisin Ice Cream

Servings: I can’t be held responsible for that! 🙂


1 frozen chopped mango

1/3 c. non-dairy milk

4-5 spoons of stevia (I use the Now brand which has a little spoon in it)

1/3 c. raisins


1. Blend the frozen mango in a food processor with the milk and stevia. Keep blending until it is smooth. I only have one setting on my food processor so it took me about 8 minutes.

2. Add in the raisins once everything is well blended. Pulse a couple of times just to mix them in but not blend them.

3. By now it may not be too solid anymore so pop it back in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Banana + Coconut + Vanilla Ice Cream

Servings: see above


1 can of frozen coconut milk

2 frozen chopped banans

1/3 + 3 Tbs water

4-5 spoons of stevia

6 ice cubes

1 vanilla bean


1. Cut the bananas in to small pieces, this will help it blend easier later. Put the bananas with the can of coconut milk into container together to freeze. Once frozen it should come out pretty easy. You will need to cut it up in smaller pieces for it to blend well. (I’m open to suggestions if anyone knows of an easier way).

2. Blend the coconut mixture with the other ingredients. A note on the vanilla- split it in half and scrape out the inside, add this to the ice cream and blend. You will need to blend it for a little longer than the mango ice cream as it comes out of the freezer in one big piece and it’s hard to cut it up into small pieces. I ran my food processor for about 12 minutes. It will soften up so you will have to pop it back in the freezer for at least half an hour before serving.


Buon Appetito


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