Lunch Idea 2: Pesto Infused Artichoke & Hummus Wrap


I’m back again with another ‘non-recipe’ lunch idea. I work half-days on Wednesdays so I’m always thinking about what I can make for lunch that is fast so I can get to doing the other million things I have to do. Wraps, sandwiches and make-ahead things like soup or casseroles always seem to be winners.

I was looking through my latest issue of Vegetarian Times and saw a few recipes for wraps and decided that was it! Lunch is served! But I really didn’t want to go out and buy more stuff so I opted for using what I had on hand and build it around that. I sautĂ©ed artichoke hearts and tossed them in some pesto at the end. And that was the hard part! I then slathered on good helping of hummus on my wrap – there is no such thing as too much hummus (especially when it’s homemade)! Tossed in the artichokes, then topped it off with some sun dried tomatoes and a bit of lettuce. And now to let the wrapping begin! Viola, lunch is served!


One thought on “Lunch Idea 2: Pesto Infused Artichoke & Hummus Wrap

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