Farmer’s Market Potato Salad



Summer finally feels like it is in full swing here in Italy. It took awhile to get here and we had some ups and downs, but I guess it has decided to show up and act like a real summer fling should, hot and ephemeral in its delivery, but good while they last.

And what feels more like summer than a BBQ and all the staple sides that go with it?! And potato salad is at the top of the list for bbq sides in my book. I used to love seeing my dad out in the backyard barbecuing up some burgers, boiling some fresh picked sweet corn and the then dreaded potato salad. The burgers of my childhood have been replaced with friendlier ones that I don’t need to grill the be jesus out of to make sure they are dead and the store bought potato salad has been swapped out with this healthier version, that certainly has less than a thousand calories and cholesterol to match as the old version did. 

So let’s get to choppin’ and feelin’ the wholesome and healthy love from this potato salad for your next bbq. Feel free to add in whatever veggies you have on hand, play with the proportions to get it the way you like. . . just go with your gut on this one because isn’t that what barbecuing, cooking . . . and really life is all about?



Potato Salad

Serves: 4-6


1/2 c. peas

1 small red onion

about 3 c. diced potatoes

1 c. chopped green beans

1 heaping cup cherry tomatoes

1 c. diced sweet potatoes



Dice your potatoes up and green beans if using fresh ones and boil all together until soft (about 12 minutes). In the mean time chop up all the other ingredients, onion and tomato. Drain the potatoes and bean and toss together with the other veggies.




1/4 c. veganise

1 Tbs white miso

1/2 Tbs raw apple cider vinegar

1/3 tsp old bay seasoning

1 garlic clove

6 basil leaves

small pinch of vegetable stock cube

dash celery seed

dash of salt and freshly ground pepper



Mix all the ingredients together. You can chop the basil up, or cut it with scissors which is supposed to retain the flavor better. You may also want to thin it out a bit with about a tablespoon of water, this is optional. Once your veggies have cooled down, dress the salad and put in the fridge until ready to serve. 


Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. 

                                                                                            (A Course in Miracles)



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