Strawberry Shortcake Goes Green Smoothie


I am back at it with another smoothie recipe and as I am sure you can tell I am having so much fun getting inventive with my smoothies and trying to turn all my favorite desserts into drinkable and healthy indulgences (as it is my goal to eat more raw and less sugar). . . and of course share them with you!

This one is thanks to a prego craving for strawberries that I’ve been having lately. My husband, being so attentive and caring as he is 😉 went out and got me some fresh, out of season and really expensive, but oh so good strawberries just for me and baby. And what a better way to enjoy them than in a ‘dessert’ of course! But I must confess all the strawberries he was so kind and generous to go and get me are all gone, down the chute, in my belly, but I’m sure he won’t mind too much – I am pregnant you know, I need to feed this growing baby!


Back to the smoothie right! I had originally envisioned it a beautiful strawberry pink, or perhaps even three versions (original, green and chocolate) but I decided to keep things simple this morning and just add in some greens to give it a healthy boost. I do encourage you to try the other two versions too, and of course you have to let me know how they turned out ;). Regardless of whichever version you try I can guarantee you that this tastes shockingly like strawberry shortcake in a glass! It is soo awesome (with the exception that my ice maker had to be cleaned out yesterday and didn’t make anymore ice until this afternoon) and sooo satisfyingly naughty but nice!

So let’s get to blendin’ and sippin’!


Strawberry Shortcake Goes Green Smoothie 

Servings: 2


1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 cup non-dairy milk

1 cup ice

1 Tbs tahini

1 scoop vegan vanilla flavored protein powder

3 kale leaves or other greens

*optional: stevia or other sweetener

* optional: superfood add-ins (cacao nibs, hemp, flax, etc.), or spices such as cinnamon or ginger


Blend and enjoy! 


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