Cheesey Mushroom Baked Potato Soup with Crunchy ‘Bacon’ & Chives

baked pot soup main

I am amazed with myself and believe that I should give myself a big pat on the back for posting three times this week, especially considering that my son’s birthday is this Sunday and I kinda feel like I am loosing my mind with pregnancy induced hormonal imbalances, five million things to make, ten more to cut out, glue, and whatever crafty thing my not-so-crafty self can manage to do before Sunday comes. So I do believe that this merits a ‘go-me’ running man style song and dance.

So although my hormones may be playing tricks on my mind and making me horribly unsuccessful at my no sugar goal, for today at least, I am determined to treat myself well tonight at dinner with this comforting soup and equally feel-good caesar salad from Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook (and by the way I love this cookbook). And like we all say, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow is another day to reboot before a new diet debauchery occurs, which I guess mine will be coming sooner rather than later with my son’s birthday coming up Sunday. 

Regardless of what your blood sugar levels are and if you need to detox, this soup is always a good thing to curl up to on the couch and feel a little bit better about things- maybe not your gut though, potatoes don’t usually have that sliming effect. This soup is just like a velvety baked potato with all the trimmings; a few pieces of crunchy bacon to top it off with some fresh chives to balance it all out.

 baked pot soup

Cheesey Mushroom Baked Potato Soup with Crunchy Bacon & Chives


about 1.5 pounds potatoes
about 7 ounces mixed mushrooms (I used weight because the package I bought was 200g)
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp cumin
1/4 cup cashews
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 Tbs vegetable bullion
1/2 Tbs vegan worcestershire sauce
1 tsp hickory liquid smoke
6-8 cups water
salt and pepper to taste
chives and crunchy bacon to garnish
1. Cut potatoes up into cubes and boil in salted water until tender. Drain.
2. Sautee mushrooms in about a tablespoon of olive oil with coriander and cumin until done (about 10 minutes).
3. Blend all ingredients together with part of the water, except potatoes, until creamy. Add in the potatoes with the rest of the water and blend until creamy. You may want to add more or less water depending on the consistency you prefer.
4. Ladle into soup bowls and top off with fresh cut chives and

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