Cacao Kale Berry Bliss

berry shake 2

I will not start another post apologizing for not posting this week and being a day late on my weekly posts due to the fact that I simply ate out too much this past week and didn’t make anything spectacular enough in the meantime that I felt was worthy of being posted – so this is me <em not apologizing.

berry shake 1

Right, moving on. . . This is a fabulously healthy, yet decadently rich smoothie that will give you a boost in the morning and put some swing into your step to send you out the door and on your way. And if you are not a morning person and would just rather not be bothered with berries or kale or whatever else in the morning to brush off the sleep, well then go ahead and hit that snooze button, get your beauty rest in and instead enjoy this as another part to your beauty regime as a perfectly healthy nutrient packed dessert smoothie. 

Let’s not waste anymore time for those of you that need to get on your way and get to work, or for those of you who just can’t be bothered reading anymore of my blabber ;).

berry shake 3

Berry Cacao Kale Bliss Smoothie 

Servings 1-2


1 cup frozen mixed berries

2-3 Tbs cacao nibs

2-3 kale leaves

1 banana

1 cup non-dairy milk

about 1 cup ice

1 Tbs maple syrup

Blend and sip until desired effect is achieved (i.e. eyes start to open, feeling less heavy or skin starts to feel glowingly radiant)!

berry shake 4

. . . and of course to leave you on a happy note and start your day off fabulously. . .


3 thoughts on “Cacao Kale Berry Bliss

  1. Kale and cacao, could there be a better smoothie combination? This looks so yummy, I love that it’s got forzen berries and some maple syrup to really boost the flavour too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at Smoothie OTW, hope you’ll link up again soon – love your blog!

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