Onion, Mushroom & Pepper Sandwich with BBQ Tempeh and Cheesey Mayo

philly 1

Hope you all had a chance to check out the Virtual Vegan Potluck this year and vote for your recipes (ehem, yours truly as well;)). There were so many wonderful and inspiring recipes out there and it was so awesome to see such a united community come together and put so much passion in to what we all love and share it with the world! So if you haven’t done it yet, then get your booty over to the Virtual Vegan Potluck site and check it out, try some out and vote for your faves!

So I should be honest here before we go any further into this and you start putting me up on a cooking pedestal and praising me for my creativity (as I am sure the last recipe did convince you so, or at least I just like to think that about myself :)). . . this is not really a recipe per se, but rather a quick fuss free idea.

I was so excited about the mushrooms I got the other day, and perhaps even more excited about my mother-in-law showing me the local organic farmer’s stand right down the road from me – which is also super cheap – that my pregnant brain was instantly hit with the image of a sort of Philly cheese steak sandwich + fries to satisfy my nearly constant potato craving. It was all just too much excitement for Mrs. preggo here!

So as overdone and cliche as this recipe is, it is still pretty darn good and really just hit the spot! But you have been warned, this is not a real recipe, this is an idea, which means your little foodie brain will have to get to work and churnin’ away to make it all your own – but that’s the fun in cooking, right!

philly 2

Onion, Mushroom & Peppers
Just like it sounds – get the amounts you need and the proportions you like and shake a bit of steak seasoning on them and saute with a bit of olive oil.

BBQ Tempeh
Tempeh sauteed with your favorite bbq sauce – keep on the flame for at least 10 minutes so it can caramelize – but what would be even better, if you have time, is to marinate it in the sauce for a couple of hours.

Cheesey Mayo
Veganise with a bit of nutritional yeast, mix together and slap that on your toasted bread baby!

And once again to leave you on a positive note today and a happy reminder of something we all need to do more of. . .

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