Orange Vanilla Oats

Some exciting things have been happening over here in the Sirotti house . . .


Nicholas Zane, the new addition to the family, born on February 20.


I realize that it has been A LONG TIME since I last blogged, but with pregnancy hormones that make you a little crazy and, well now that that is over (thank God!), adjusting to life with two little ones has taken a while, but I think I am back on the blogging bus (perhaps with a little more time in between posts). I am ready and rearing to share not just recipes with you, but I want to share more than that; my life as an ex-pat American mom of two boys living in a small town in Italy, and all things that fall in between, along with perhaps some random ramblings (that is if you are willing to bear reading them).

Life is different, undoubtedly different now with two kids, and no more belly (at least a preggo belly), but instead another human being to look after. Holy crap, what have I gotten myself into! Thank God for intrusive and overbearing Italian mother-in-laws, without her life wouldn’t be as good, and adjusting to this more than huge change would be painful. She may drive me crazy at times, but I do love her and appreciate her in ways that are beyond words as she has been like a mother to me, providing me with support, help and has always been someone in my corner of the boxing ringing wiping off my sweat and coaching me through tough times when needed, and well, she is Italian, so of course when not so needed or appreciated. 

So as you can see life is on the up and up and now with two little ones I can honestly say that the joy that one brings you is not doubled with the second one, but instead becomes a joy that is beyond measure. It is something so pure and filling that even in those moments that every parent experiences when you feel like just throwing in the towel and letting your savage little monster of a – insert age here- year- old rule the castle that is my 100 sqm apartment, I still wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything. I even dare say that in those moments I can still look into my two year old’s wild children-of-the-corn like eyes and not want to run away in fear, but instead scoop him up and shower him with obnoxious fawning. 

Life is sweet right now! In fact, it is so sweet that I am once again avoiding sugar, or rather I guess this is really due to the bulging post-preggo belly and that, well, sugar is just bad for you and that we (I) tend to consume way too much of it. Surfing the blogosphere of  vegetarian or vegan recipes it seems like being one of the fore mentioned  is a free hall pass to not just peruse the veganized sweet treats aisle but a ticket to flagrant overindulgence because its healthier than the original or because ‘I eat well so therefore I deserve to treat myself’. And so as warned, here is my random rambling: I’m bored with the many ‘healthy’ blogs always posting recipes for sweets, that in my book are anything but healthy. I understand we all need a hit of the sugar cane every now and then and I also realize that rich ‘naughty’ recipes draw more people in, especially non-vegetarians/vegans, but if vegan or plant-based diets are supposed to be so healthy, then what is up with the diabetes inducing sugar overload that litters so many ‘healthy’ sites.

For all of you who just wanted to read about a simple (insert frustrated reader slur here) breakfast recipe, I apologize if I made you read more than what you wanted. Next time just skip over my life ramblings and haikus (don’t really expect any poetry on my behalf, I am far from capable) and go straight to the goods of interest 😉

This is not a recipe, but rather an idea. There are no exact measurements here, actually there are no measurements at all, so go crazy with your oats and do whatcha want! 

oatmeal 1

Orange Vanilla Oats


Orange, peeled and sliced

Non-dairy milk

Vanilla flavored vegan protein powder

 oatmeal 2
Orange Vanilla Oats with acai powder

You can cook your oats, leave them overnight or just let them soak for a few minutes before eating them, which is what I normally do. I also like to add part water and part milk to mine, just to lighten them up a bit. If you want a more orange intense flavor you could add in juice from a fresh squeezed orange. Sprinkle on whatever brightens your morning (nuts, cacao nibs, hemp or chia seeds, tahini), I went with some acai powder. If you are not going the sugar-limited route you could drizzle on a bit of maple or agave syrup or for non-strict vegans, honey. 


On a side note, I have to apologize for the pics. I didn’t realize until afterwards that my son’s little sticky fingers had gotten all over the lens, unfourtantly playing with my camera is one of his favorite things. . but needless to say it has not made it on to my list of favorite things.


3 thoughts on “Orange Vanilla Oats

  1. I love your simple breakfast. Congratulations on the birth of your son! Raising children is a wonderful, fun-filled and exhausting adventure! Enjoy 🙂 – they grow up before you know it. (Mine are nearly 15 & 11).

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