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Next to traveling, my greatest passion in life, which is cheaper, and easier on my job, is food. I love food and I love cooking even more and I think my travels all over the world have shaped and inspired my cooking, and the path life has brought me down has led me to live in maybe the best country ever for a self-professed foodie, as nearly everyone here is one too, which is of course Italy I’m talking about here. You must be wondering how on earth did I end up in a small town in Italy? Well, I’ll tell you, I studied abroad in Spain, met my Italian husband there (which did no favors for my Spanish), and seven years and one adorable baby later I’m still here happier than ever!

Italy has given me a lot to be thankful for, food, family, good times and trips. Living here has certainly ignited my passion for food, and the choice to become vegan really set me on fire and got my creative juices flowing. Although it’s not all roses here, and life is still life with work, obligations, etc. I am loving every minute of it, needless to say the less rosy side of things in my case is having one crappy oven, and not all the vegan ingredients in the world available, so I make do with what I have!

I hope to share with you a bit of my passion for food in my vegan recipes and while I’m at it, a bit of adventure on the road!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Italy? What a nice place to end up at. I’ve always wanted to visit. Haven’t been fortunate yet. But one day, I hope. Would love to learn a little bit about the town of Vignola. Please share some photos! You must be fluent in Italian by now. I hear the people are very embracing, hospitable & warm. I’m looking forward to your posts & to your vegan adventures in Italy. Must be a challenge with all that cheese, meat & pastaaaa šŸ˜‰

    • I do feel fortunate to have ended up here. I may not have said that 7 years ago though, but I have learned to love this place as it has given me so much and taught me so much about love, life, family and . . . food. I would be happy to post pictures, maybe this spring, right now it’s pretty ugly out. In the spring it is really beautiful with the surrounding valleys and the cherry trees in bloom – which is what the town is famous for. The people are warm (not like the Spanish) but they are nonetheless open, happy people who tend to be thankful for what they have. And yes, you are right, eating out here is very hard as it is all about pasta and meat and at least in this region it if you ask for something vegetarian to them that means it must be smothered in cheese. So I try to be flexible and forgiving since I know my choices are limited, but the whole vegetarian and even vegan thing is slowly taking hold here. . . we’ll see what happens with that! Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really do appreciate it! šŸ˜‰

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