Orange Vanilla Oats

Some exciting things have been happening over here in the Sirotti house . . . nick

Nicholas Zane, the new addition to the family, born on February 20.


I realize that it has been A LONG TIME since I last blogged, but with pregnancy hormones that make you a little crazy and, well now that that is over (thank God!), adjusting to life with two little ones has taken a while, but I think I am back on the blogging bus (perhaps with a little more time in between posts). I am ready and rearing to share not just recipes with you, but I want to share more than that; my life as an ex-pat American mom of two boys living in a small town in Italy, and all things that fall in between, along with perhaps some random ramblings (that is if you are willing to bear reading them). Continue reading


Winter Breakfast Sunrise Smoothie

sunrise smoothie 1

This is an upside down sunrise I realize, but hey, the winter can have that effect sometimes and so can my two-year-old son who is now in a temper-tantrum-throwing and seemingly attention-starved phase. Life is a little stressful now, crazy monster toddler on the loose and one soon to make his debut in a couple of months . . . with the husband out of the country two weeks before he’s due. Did I say I’m a little stressed! I think I need a smoothie for this to take the edge off, forget Jack and Coke, those days are long gone, for now it is an upside down winter breakfast smoothie for me and some good reading. I am clutching onto Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love for dear life now, since I certainly need all the positivity and spirituality I can get in my life right now. So to make myself feel a little better, calm my nerves and blow the winter blues away I am just going to sip on this refreshing and warming smoothie. Continue reading

Avo Almond Joy Smoothie

avo amond joy shake

This avocado almond joy smoothie is what I would call my version of a green goddess smoothie. It is creamy, rich, sweet and feels like an exotic treat, and it doesn’t stop at your taste buds, but offers bundles of benefits for your health. It is loaded with vitamin C, A and is also big to boot on calcium, all from the mighty power of the kale alone. It also has you covered on potassium as the avocado in it packs an even bigger punch in this department with 35% more than that of the banana. And if I haven’t convinced you yet just how good this smoothie is for you then you can be sure that your immune system will thank you this winter when flu season hits and you are sipping on the oodles of immune boosting vitamins in this smoothie, all while giving yourself a sweet treat. So here’s to takin’ care of yourself and feelin’ good! Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake Goes Green Smoothie


I am back at it with another smoothie recipe and as I am sure you can tell I am having so much fun getting inventive with my smoothies and trying to turn all my favorite desserts into drinkable and healthy indulgences (as it is my goal to eat more raw and less sugar). . . and of course share them with you!

This one is thanks to a prego craving for strawberries that I’ve been having lately. My husband, being so attentive and caring as he is 😉 went out and got me some fresh, out of season and really expensive, but oh so good strawberries just for me and baby. And what a better way to enjoy them than in a ‘dessert’ of course! But I must confess all the strawberries he was so kind and generous to go and get me are all gone, down the chute, in my belly, but I’m sure he won’t mind too much – I am pregnant you know, I need to feed this growing baby! Continue reading

Vitamix Party in Full Swing: Carrot Cake Smoothie



As I am well attuned to the fact that I have been babbling on and on about my new Vitamix I’m sure you knew it wasn’t going to stop there and that these ramblings have yet to be over anytime soon,- hey I just got the most awesome and extravagant kitchen toy a vegan cook could ever want! So I have brought none other than a decadent dessert-like, but good for you, smoothie.  Continue reading

Vegan MoFo 3: Brioche with Vanilla Peach and Hazlenut Sauce


I am especially excited about this recipe as I have been hanging onto it since the whole internet crisis and I could not wait to share this with you. This is a good one :)!

The other day I had the usual play date day with my friends at my house since I was still on house arrest until I cleared by the doctor, which meant I had to be the good hostess/housewife and of course was an excellent excuse to scratch an itching I had been having for a decadent dessert-like recipe. So what better than brioche with a peach and hazelnut sauce and a drizzle of icing! Continue reading

Coconut Apricot Muffins with Crunchy Caramel Top


I had a wonderful breakfast this morning at my friend Diana’s sitting on her porch, gazing out at the pine forest and rolling hills that surround her house. We sipped coffee and slurpped smoothies while chatting and nibbling on what I would consider to be the best banana nut muffins, vegan or not –  these were so good and there was not tellin’ the difference. Her special touch – a caramel crunchy top made from oil and brown sugar. I loved this idea so much that I had to steal, and I blatantly told her I would be stealing it and blogging about, but not to worry, I always give credit where credit is due.

I think my muffins could rival Diana’s (so watch out D!) they are moist with the right amount of sweetness, a hint of warm spice and of course with the crunch on top! So minus the view of the rolling hills and pine trees, tomorrow’s breakfast will be a copy of Diana’s – coffee, yummy vegan muffins and a nutritious smoothie to wash it all down and make me feel a little better about my breakfast.
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