Holiday Cookies: Popcorn, White Chocolate & Cranberry with Butterscotch Drizzle

title popcorn cookies

These cookies are like Christmas all wrapped up into one fluffy pillow of a goodness. I know the idea of popcorn in cookies sounds just weird, but I couldn’t let it go when I saw it on pintrest and thought it sounded too interesting to pass up the opportunity to veganize it and put my holiday spin on it. Continue reading


No Bake Vegan Turtle Cheesecake

topped 1

Here I am writing this post again after loosing it to the virtual internet dustbin where all things lost go only to make the authors of those things incredibly irritated and even more disappointed when the their perfectly written post is no longer to be found. So I apologize for my irritation and lack of desire to re-write my heartfelt post about cheesecake, Italian baptisms and Italian family and culture. But here I go again, and I will try to make it just as wonderful as the first time around! Continue reading

Strawberry Shortcake Goes Green Smoothie


I am back at it with another smoothie recipe and as I am sure you can tell I am having so much fun getting inventive with my smoothies and trying to turn all my favorite desserts into drinkable and healthy indulgences (as it is my goal to eat more raw and less sugar). . . and of course share them with you!

This one is thanks to a prego craving for strawberries that I’ve been having lately. My husband, being so attentive and caring as he is 😉 went out and got me some fresh, out of season and really expensive, but oh so good strawberries just for me and baby. And what a better way to enjoy them than in a ‘dessert’ of course! But I must confess all the strawberries he was so kind and generous to go and get me are all gone, down the chute, in my belly, but I’m sure he won’t mind too much – I am pregnant you know, I need to feed this growing baby! Continue reading

Vitamix Party in Full Swing: Carrot Cake Smoothie



As I am well attuned to the fact that I have been babbling on and on about my new Vitamix I’m sure you knew it wasn’t going to stop there and that these ramblings have yet to be over anytime soon,- hey I just got the most awesome and extravagant kitchen toy a vegan cook could ever want! So I have brought none other than a decadent dessert-like, but good for you, smoothie.  Continue reading

Vegan MoFo 3: Brioche with Vanilla Peach and Hazlenut Sauce


I am especially excited about this recipe as I have been hanging onto it since the whole internet crisis and I could not wait to share this with you. This is a good one :)!

The other day I had the usual play date day with my friends at my house since I was still on house arrest until I cleared by the doctor, which meant I had to be the good hostess/housewife and of course was an excellent excuse to scratch an itching I had been having for a decadent dessert-like recipe. So what better than brioche with a peach and hazelnut sauce and a drizzle of icing! Continue reading

Fig + Walnut + Date Ice Cream


This isn’t bragging, this is quantum physics, let me explain: in a nutshell we, or rather everything, is energy based, we are conditioned over time to believe certain things, and this creates our belief system, which then creates our expectations, which then realize themselves in the physical world. Positive energy, feeling good about yourself, telling yourself ‘good stories’ about people, places, food, etc. means positive outcomes by chancing your belief system, and thus your expectations (no Debbie Downers allowed here). So brag about yourself and this fabulous ice cream you’re about to serve your friends, it’s not arrogance, it’s called self-love and that makes for a good life, so rub it in all you like! (note: I am no scientist here, so please do not send me any hate mail or further questions on the details of quantum physics, this is just my layman interpretation).  Continue reading

Apple Crisp Ice Cream

Warm cozy fall flavors + fresh ice cream on a hot summer day = awesomness


What is more fall -like than apple crisp?! And what screams summer more than ice cream. . . I’ll tell you what, apple crisp ice cream, that’s what! Put the two together and you get one originally fantabulous flavor to bring to your next bbq that you can pat yourself on the back for. And if you do the ‘what you’re thankful for today’ thing and the ‘what successes to celebrate today’ thing (which I do, by the way to keep the positive energy flowin’ and growin’) then write this down on your list missy, and go right ahead and jot it down on both of them puppies . . . let me help with a little kickstart on how that list should go: awesome execution, controlled indulgence (no fat pants here) and a good dose of antioxidants to fight aging and disease from the apples, you can add the amazing benefits of cinnamon to your list with its fungus fighting, cholesterol lowering and blood sugar stabilizing properties. See, indulging can be so easy, and so good for you!

Continue reading