O-M-G Vegan Eggplant Parmesan


That’s right, vegan, good for you, low calorie, healthy, comforting and cosy eggplant parmesan. . . did I miss any adjectives to describe this? Oh yeah, and deliciously dreamy, creamy and saucy without all the heavy and hard to digest dairy! This willmake you say oh my God and will guaranteed, knock anyone’s socks off, vegan or not! Continue reading


Roasted Potato, Tofu & Asparagus with Creamy Thyme Lemon Sauce

asparagus 4

If I were Jamie Oliver this would be on a cutting board. But I’m not, which also leads to why my rice was mushy, because Jamie told me that the rule of thumb was thirds, 1 part rice, 2 parts water. Why didn’t I stop myself on this dumb idea and realize that the ‘one finger’ rule has always worked for me and that instead I don’t need Jamie Oliver to tell me how to make rice. I don’t mean to knock Jamie too much here, I do love the little lisp-talking, (annoyingly) unorganized, cutting-board-loving, back-to-basics chef. Continue reading

One Simple Sauce Two Fabulous Ways



I just got back into working out after the pregnancy and today was practically my first run in a year! I am so incredibly proud of myself for having done 10 km, so I have been on a bit of runner’s high all day, except the hour and half I crashed on the couch for a schnooze. To fuel my new cardio crazy body I needed some serious carbs and what better than a bowl of pasta, when in Rome do as the Romans, literally (however on a slightly smaller scale and 3 hours more north). Continue reading

Endamame and Mandarin Salad with Refreshing Asian Mint Dressing


I say screw winter, I am having a salad despite the freezing temperatures outside and the idea of a warm steaming bowl of soup beckoning me on days like this. I want something chalked full of rich raw nutrients, regardless of what the weatherman says, yeah that’s right I refuse to let the winter hold me down. Continue reading

Winter Salad + Creamy Lemon Maple Mustard Dressing



I am so excited about so many things to share with you all in this post that I could easily just start spewing them all out in list form- number one has to be these pictures since I just got my photo studio box in the mail the other day. It’s this cute little tent-like box that pops up with interchangeable backgrounds and two super bright lights plus a tripod. It is truly amazing! It makes every picture look so fabulously professional – at least in the eyes of this amateur. To add to this list of exciting things is the black radish I found at the market recently that I just had to try out. Oh but wait it doesn’t stop there – chestnuts, winter veggies, holiday flavors – all in one healthy feel good salad! Woo, now that is some exciting stuff, at least in my world it is :)!

Continue reading

Onion, Mushroom & Pepper Sandwich with BBQ Tempeh and Cheesey Mayo

philly 1

Hope you all had a chance to check out the Virtual Vegan Potluck this year and vote for your recipes (ehem, yours truly as well;)). There were so many wonderful and inspiring recipes out there and it was so awesome to see such a united community come together and put so much passion in to what we all love and share it with the world! So if you haven’t done it yet, then get your booty over to the Virtual Vegan Potluck site and check it out, try some out and vote for your faves!

So I should be honest here before we go any further into this and you start putting me up on a cooking pedestal and praising me for my creativity (as I am sure the last recipe did convince you so, or at least I just like to think that about myself :)). . . this is not really a recipe per se, but rather a quick fuss free idea. Continue reading