Moroccan Cauliflower “Cous Cous”

cauliflower 2To counteract some of the holiday foods that pack on the pounds I bring you a lovely Moroccan spiced infused grated cauliflower “cous cous” recipe. This recipe is loaded with flavor, and. . . wait for it. . .  is light on all the all the other bad stuff. Not only does this ward of the blubber blues of the holiday season, it’s also like a mini vacay to a sunny, warm, and exotic place. This recipe reminds me of my trip to Marrakech a few years ago, with its winding alley ways filled with spice shops that colored the scenery and the intoxicating fumes of sweet and savory all wrapped into one, cinnamon, raisins, turmeric and cous cous tagines lined up along street vendors carts. And the final touches of tahini and date syrup bring me back to Israel, a place that without tahini, I don’t think could exist. I offer you this recipe as a break to these times of temptation and cold, so dig in and enjoy! Before I leave you to, I just have to share one last amazing bit about it, really the best part yet, it will only you take you 20 to 30 minutes total, and no I’m not kidding!

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