Easter Menu in the Making

Hello All! I know I have been very MIA but as you can imagine with two little ones it has been hard finding the time to come up with a decent recipe or post. I have been cooking a lot though, needless to say, but it has been from some of my favorite vegan cookbooks and lots of loosely followed recipes from pintrest. . . love, love, love pintrest! 

I have been trying to stick to a mostly raw diet not just to get back in shape, but because it just feels good! The only downside to this is that I feel a bit limited in my raw skills, I am no Emily from This Rawsome Vegan Life! Despite any shortcomings though, I do have some fabulous things in the works. . . they just need a little perfecting though. 

I wanted to share my Easter menu with you all because I would love to hear what you have planned for the table, and beyond. I am going to stick with my all time favorite cookbook to be on the safe side, Chef Chloe Coscarelli, and I will be making her bastilla for the first time, and this will be the main. On to the less exciting part, the salad (I kid, I love salads ;)) I think I will be opting for an easy crowd pleaser with Chloe’s caesar salad and I may add in a few veggies to make it a bit more nutrious. To end it all I am thinking of making some cute little carrot cupcakes, however I am very torn between this classic and a more untraditional, and totally sacrilegious take on an Italian classic, raspberry tiramisu cupcakes (Chloe’s recipe again), which sound AHmazing.

I would love to know what will be on your spread this Easter and I am especially interested to hear what Easter traditions you have in your family. I would also love your votes on the menu/dessert. We will be mixing Italian and American traditions with an Easter egg hunt, Easter baskets for the kids and as you could probably guess, the Italian tradition that we will be celebrating is food, of course, which is always a good thing.