Orange Vanilla Oats

Some exciting things have been happening over here in the Sirotti house . . . nick

Nicholas Zane, the new addition to the family, born on February 20.


I realize that it has been A LONG TIME since I last blogged, but with pregnancy hormones that make you a little crazy and, well now that that is over (thank God!), adjusting to life with two little ones has taken a while, but I think I am back on the blogging bus (perhaps with a little more time in between posts). I am ready and rearing to share not just recipes with you, but I want to share more than that; my life as an ex-pat American mom of two boys living in a small town in Italy, and all things that fall in between, along with perhaps some random ramblings (that is if you are willing to bear reading them). Continue reading


Orange Mint Sorbet


After a long and tiring day at work that extended to pool time, grocery shopping and then frantically trying to make something quick for my son, all the while cleaning up after the torando that is my son Sebastian, I finally was able to kick back after dinner and relax with a bit of sorbet. Aaaahhhh! Now that was a good, yet exhausting feeling. But my day is not done yet, I still have to talk to my dad, yikes! The seven hour time difference really makes it hard to find the chance to talk so when we both get a minute I hate to miss it, so I think I will be needing my coffee tomorrow morning. . . with my cherry and almond bread with jam filling (a perfect indulgent, yet not so bad breakfast)!

This is a super fast and simple recipe that only takes the planning of freezing the oranges ahead of time, and once you’ve got that, it’s just a matter of blending it all together. Easy enough!

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