One Simple Sauce Two Fabulous Ways



I just got back into working out after the pregnancy and today was practically my first run in a year! I am so incredibly proud of myself for having done 10 km, so I have been on a bit of runner’s high all day, except the hour and half I crashed on the couch for a schnooze. To fuel my new cardio crazy body I needed some serious carbs and what better than a bowl of pasta, when in Rome do as the Romans, literally (however on a slightly smaller scale and 3 hours more north). Continue reading


Pasta Night: Avocado & Pistachio Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes & A Fresh Summer Salad with Warm Sesame Infused Asparagus, Orange Slices and Sweet Onion


Yes, I realize that this is the second post today with avocados and that I may be going a little overboard with the avocado bonanaza in ‘casa Sirotti’ as of late. I have a confession to make . . . I even had it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner today! I know, avocados are good for you, right, but just as it goes with anything, too much of a good thing can turn sour real quick. .  so watch for the pucker face :). So despite my own nutritional transgressions, this recipe is good and healthy – it’s raw, chalked full of nutrition and just plain ol’ pasta inducing carb coma good. The pasta sauce is a creamy blend of avocado, sun-dried tomates, pistachios, nutritional yeast (optional) and garlic.

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A New Healthy Twist on an Old Classic: Mac ‘n Cheese Take 2


This recipe really just happened by pure chance this weekend. We got home from taking grandma out for the morning and needed to make lunch, and of course we wanted something fast and simple. I had a look around and in the fridge for what we had and, on a whim, I thought ok sweet potatoes, good, asparagus, good. . . and finally pasta, good too, so that was the combination! We had just bought some orzo pasta with grammy this morning so that was settled, now for the sauce: a rich, creamy and spicy sauce made with sweet potatoes and to complete it some crunch was needed, and that was covered with my asparagus! Lunch could be ready in 10, I was ready to roll! Continue reading