Roasted Potato, Tofu & Asparagus with Creamy Thyme Lemon Sauce

asparagus 4

If I were Jamie Oliver this would be on a cutting board. But I’m not, which also leads to why my rice was mushy, because Jamie told me that the rule of thumb was thirds, 1 part rice, 2 parts water. Why didn’t I stop myself on this dumb idea and realize that the ‘one finger’ rule has always worked for me and that instead I don’t need Jamie Oliver to tell me how to make rice. I don’t mean to knock Jamie too much here, I do love the little lisp-talking, (annoyingly) unorganized, cutting-board-loving, back-to-basics chef. Continue reading


Cheesey Mushroom Baked Potato Soup with Crunchy ‘Bacon’ & Chives

baked pot soup main

I am amazed with myself and believe that I should giveĀ myself a big pat on the back for postingĀ three times this week, especially considering that my son’s birthday is this Sunday and I kinda feel like I am loosing my mind with pregnancy induced hormonal imbalances, five million things to make, ten more to cut out, glue, and whatever crafty thing my not-so-crafty self can manage to do before Sunday comes. So I do believe that this merits a ‘go-me’ running man style song and dance.

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A New Healthy Twist on an Old Classic: Mac ‘n Cheese Take 2


This recipe really just happened by pure chance this weekend. We got home from taking grandma out for the morning and needed to make lunch, and of course we wanted something fast and simple. I had a look around and in the fridge for what we had and, on a whim, I thought ok sweet potatoes, good, asparagus, good. . . and finally pasta, good too, so that was the combination! We had just bought some orzo pasta with grammy this morning so that was settled, now for the sauce: a rich, creamy and spicy sauce made with sweet potatoes and to complete it some crunch was needed, and that was covered with my asparagus! Lunch could be ready in 10, I was ready to roll! Continue reading

Soup ‘n Sandwich for Cold Winter Days


I must admit that I have been one lazy blogger lately. In my own defense I have been cooking and photographing but I have Not been posting! So to make up for it a bit I give you two warm and cozy recipes that will warm you up on these cold winter days and make you feel a bit like a kid again. I love soup and sandwiches together, to me they remind me of my childhood, which back then was usually soup out of a can and not such a decadent sandwich, but instead two measly slices of white bread and a slice or two of processed lunch meat and just as equally processed slices of cheese, but I loved it back then, now, not so much. Thank God taste buds do evolve! So here is to all of our kid-at-heart-evolved-taste-buds-comfort-food. Enjoy!

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