One Simple Sauce Two Fabulous Ways



I just got back into working out after the pregnancy and today was practically my first run in a year! I am so incredibly proud of myself for having done 10 km, so I have been on a bit of runner’s high all day, except the hour and half I crashed on the couch for a schnooze. To fuel my new cardio crazy body I needed some serious carbs and what better than a bowl of pasta, when in Rome do as the Romans, literally (however on a slightly smaller scale and 3 hours more north). Continue reading


Vegan MoFo 4: Cozy Country Pie


Here we go again with another post this week! I am catching up on all that I missed by having internet down and this time I have a nice comforting pie for you, as you must know that by now pie and soup season are in full swing over here, at least in this American’s kitchen in Italy. It is everything I love about a pie; it fills you up, warms you up and just makes you feel all good and cozy inside. So I would say that this one fits the bill and of course it is so satisfying on a nippy fall evening. So get warm and snuggle up to this cozy country pie with carrots, potatoes and mushrooms. Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Potato Salad



Summer finally feels like it is in full swing here in Italy. It took awhile to get here and we had some ups and downs, but I guess it has decided to show up and act like a real summer fling should, hot and ephemeral in its delivery, but good while they last.

And what feels more like summer than a BBQ and all the staple sides that go with it?! And potato salad is at the top of the list for bbq sides in my book. I used to love seeing my dad out in the backyard barbecuing up some burgers, boiling some fresh picked sweet corn and the then dreaded potato salad. The burgers of my childhood have been replaced with friendlier ones that I don’t need to grill the be jesus out of to make sure they are dead and the store bought potato salad has been swapped out with this healthier version, that certainly has less than a thousand calories and cholesterol to match as the old version did. 

Continue reading