Orange Vanilla Oats

Some exciting things have been happening over here in the Sirotti house . . . nick

Nicholas Zane, the new addition to the family, born on February 20.


I realize that it has been A LONG TIME since I last blogged, but with pregnancy hormones that make you a little crazy and, well now that that is over (thank God!), adjusting to life with two little ones has taken a while, but I think I am back on the blogging bus (perhaps with a little more time in between posts). I am ready and rearing to share not just recipes with you, but I want to share more than that; my life as an ex-pat American mom of two boys living in a small town in Italy, and all things that fall in between, along with perhaps some random ramblings (that is if you are willing to bear reading them). Continue reading


3 Layer Pie: Chocolate, Banilla, Coconut


I had been dreaming of making this pie! The idea for it had been buzzing around in my head for some time now. I had this image of this fabulously indulgent pie with three layers: avocado chocolate, vanilla banana all topped off with a fluffy coconut merigue. . . but the last part fell flat, literally. I had researched and looked online reading many posts on this and I thought I had figured out how to make it whip up and stay up, but I guess I still don’t have the technique down just yet. Mine didn’t whip up to begin with, even though I left the mixer on high for probably 10 minutes or more. This exasperated attempt did give it a nice glossy sheen, so even though it wasn’t fluffy, it was still pretty. The third layer, although a dissapointment, still turned out good, just not as I had imagined. It is still a lovely creamy layer of silky coconuty goodness!  The chocolate layer is rich and silky smooth like pudding, while the second layer is banana with silken tofu and fresh vanilla bean. However, after the experiment was said and done, I think that to make the banana layer a bit richer and more solid, the addition of cashews would have worked beautifully. Of course, you say, the crust! The crust is a simple cereal crumble with date syrup and a little non-dairy milk, pressed into the pie pan. So although my dream did not completely come true there is still a silver lining to it all: a quite light dessert, sugar-free, fat-free (only natural fats), no bake, raw = more nutritional and still super yummy. So all in all this is still a super delish pie that was a hit at home, I am just hoping that I will one day find a way to make vegan merigue! If there is anyone out there with experience in making vegan merigue please tell me your secret, I am dying to know! Continue reading

Ice Cream Duo: Mango + Raisin Ice Cream and Banana + Coconut + Vanilla Ice Cream


I really feel like I could be on to something with these, and I feel an ice cream fever coming on!  However there’s just that bothersome weather here that seems unable to make up its mind, why can’t it just play nice and be summer already, but then again maybe it’s a good thing to ease into this because otherwise I think I could easily go bananas with this and get out of control. So while the weather takes its time heating up, I’ll start off slow with this vegan ice cream bonanza with just two items for show and tell: 1. mango and raisin ice cream and 2. banana, coconut and vanilla ice cream. The mango + raisin ice cream screams tropical summer with its creamy fruitiness, while the banana + coconut + vanilla ice cream is decadent and rich as the banana makes it naturally sweet and creamy, the coconut gives it a great summer feel and the fresh vanilla bean sends it over the top!

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