O-M-G Vegan Eggplant Parmesan


That’s right, vegan, good for you, low calorie, healthy, comforting and cosy eggplant parmesan. . . did I miss any adjectives to describe this? Oh yeah, and deliciously dreamy, creamy and saucy without all the heavy and hard to digest dairy! This willmake you say oh my God and will guaranteed, knock anyone’s socks off, vegan or not! Continue reading


My Hiatus, Buns and Tigelle

tigelle 1

Big news! Buns! Buns in the oven that is! So this should clear me of all blogosphere neglect as I know I have been a bit AWOL but it is totally justified! The Sirotti family is on its way to becoming 4 with another baby boy on the way!

I honestly haven’t been too gung-ho about food or eating lately, in fact everything turned me off and kinda made me wanna barf, which has made cooking and especially getting excited enough about food to take pics, write about it and post about it just┬ánauseating thinking about it. But now that I am over the 3 month hump the skies have cleared, the clouds have parted and the sun is shinning and I am so pumped to start cooking again! I am so inspired, and hungry again – life is good! Continue reading

Southern Italy Meets The South (USA): Peperonata and Cornbread

My co-worker is from the southern region of Apulia in Italy (the heel part of the boot) and recently she has been telling me all about the wonderful, fresh and simple food they have down along her native sun-drenched coastline. Apulia is said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, in fact they are said to rival those of the Carribbean, and they draw tourists from all over the world. They also have this amazingly cute town with white round houses and thatched roofs, that look a bit like one of the seven dwarfs should come skipping out. This gem of sunny beaches and beautiful coastlines is said to have locals that are eaqually warm and welcoming as its golden rays.
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